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Wireless is Best ???

PUBLISHED: 12 Apr 2018 11:23AM

From Wi-Fi to wireless charging, more and more technologies are moving to wireless connections.

Bluetooth, ZigBee and Near field technologies, are certainly some of the most impressive. Bluetooth headphones without any wires at all and even wireless charging in some cases, have been available for more than a year. You can even use some headphones to measure your heart rate via Bluetooth to your phone.
Zigbee is the new way to turn on your smart lamps (or devices) at home via a voice activated entertainment centre (several popular ones are available using the same technology). Home automation is now a booming business, with everything from security, through to thermostats connected wirelessly.
Near field technologies, or as most people will be used to …. Contactless payment. Several ways to do this, from using your bank issued card, right through to your watch or smart phone.

All very clever indeed but how will this effect industry and manufacturing???
Well, like all good technologies, they always filter across into manufacturing.

In 2012 we installed our first wireless pushbutton system, with pushbutton stations close to 40m away from the main control panel, the pushbuttons generate their own charge on press and release, so there is no battery within the system. 6 Years later still going strong.
The supplier range has now increased to include limit switches within the wireless capability.

The latest and one of the best wireless devices, has to be the WIFER, it’s a battery powered device which connect via RJ45 to PLC and HMI etc, then links via an on-board Wi-Fi to a PC. This way when programming and modifying software, the cabinet door can be closed and you can happily work wirelessly from 10m away.
Anyone who knows the struggle of site programming also knows how many PC’s they have smashed when someone trips over the cable. The added benefit of being able to get out of the noisy production environment is also a clear winner for any programmer.

IF you think you have an opportunity for wireless systems or any programming requirements, please get in touch.