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The language of code

PUBLISHED: 5 Oct 2017 10:53AM

For those of you who are familiar with programming, you will already know about the 5 IEC languages as they are known. IEC 61131-3 sets out the definition of these languages. I find most seasoned programmers have a particular favourite and stick with it when developing new code.

New versatile programming environments allow for multiple languages within the same subroutines, making thing a lot easier for the programmer.

As a forward thinking company, we have an ongoing apprentice program, where our apprentice’ get to experience everything from Electrical manufacturing & installation through to 3D cad modelling and PLC/HMI programming.

Whilst thinking about the best way to introduce an advanced apprentice into the world of programming, I looked at the level of training courses out there in the market place.

Nothing really struck a chord as being particularly relevant and value adding, so I researched further.

There are some fantastic resources available on the internet for free which any budding programmer can pick up and learn from with ease.

I started to think about the languages and how to make sure they would learn the way to select languages which in turn had me thinking about my own kids… I thought about my experience of learning a foreign language at secondary school.. My opinion, is that is has made no difference whatsoever to my life and never enabled me to do anything in a more efficient, successful or productive way … In lay-mans terms “ A waste of time”..

With advancements of technology, personal translators will be in your smart phone applications, translating many different languages within milliseconds by using the spoken word, within the coming months , if not already by the time you read this.

This makes me think, is there a point to learning a language ? .. Yes, of course there is… the language of code!  The good news is, I wasn’t the first person to think this, not by a long shot. MiT , the Worlds most prominent engineering university have developed online software for kids to learn.. not only this, I discovered my two youngest children use it in their school.

I guarantee this will be more useful to them than being able to ask where to buy a loaf of bread in any given language!

Parle vous Code ?

If not, then maybe you should consider it as something for your kids if not yourselves.

If you have any specific coding requirements or the need for a programmer, why not get in touch.