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Taking the jobs _ Industry 4.0

PUBLISHED: 5 Oct 2017 11:46AM

IF you aren’t familiar with the term Industry 4.0, IoT or IIoT then , you need to be. The fourth industrial revolution , the internet of things or the industrial internet of things (depending on what you read). All form part of your future. We all now have connected devices since the evolution and development of WIFI and the Cellular networks. A classic IoT device could be your home thermostat. Mine senses when myself or my darling wife are away from the home and alters the heating accordingly. Further to this, when we start to travel towards home, it uses GPS to locate us and predict our arrival and heats the home to suit. All very clever indeed.

Take this technology (of type) and add it into a manufacturing plant. We can now monitor and adjust process variables for a plant we are nowhere near. Smart algorithms can predict when a machine will require more components and summon its just in time system to deliver it by autonomous system. Intelligent cameras and sensors will provide quality control. This reduces the need for human intervention and places many jobs in uncertainty.

Are you worried about this …. I’m not, in fact its quite the opposite, eventually one day a machine will take over my job. There is no reason to worry. History has taught us that. The first, second and third industrial revolution created more jobs, as will the fourth. This is easily explained ….. 30 years ago , a web designer, wasn’t a job… and we didn’t drink mineral water from a plastic bottle that was easily accessible from our own fridge or local shop.

The jobs will simply change and I believe for the better. Ultimately creating a better standard of life for most people.

Embrace the change, it’s a natural progression.

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