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Connectivity dystopia …. The minefield of connection and communication.

PUBLISHED: 5 Oct 2017 11:45AM

If your like me, you carry a bag with a laptop and at least 2-3 different leads wherever you go. Charger leads, plugs, headphones, etc etc etc.

Leads enable us to connect our tech together or simply charge it up.

Look into the industrial world and they enable cross platform communications for devices and controllers and user interfaces which can be viewed on specialist touchscreens or standard PC.

In the good old days, 2 years ago (or in some cases still) this would have required a multitude of specialist OEM (original equipment manufacturer) leads, demanding a direct purchase at sometimes jaw dropping prices. The need for differing lengths and sometimes an additional ‘protocol converter’ made something that appears so simplistic, into one of the most frustrating and complex tasks.

As technology advances, prices are driven down by customer demand and the insistent nature of clients demanding universal connectivity. OEM’s have designed their own networking standards to make it simple to connect one of there item X to another of their item Y but not to A.N.Other manufacturers equipment.

This is changing, the introduction of EthernetIP and softwares like CODESYS are changing the landscape.

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